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PIA-903 pyroelcetric flame detector

Infratec has introduced its new PIA-903 pyroelectric flame detector, with angular resolution.

The company explains that its standard pyroelectric detectors (single detector LME-551 or quad detector LMM-244) are able to detect a flame and its composition at a distance of more than 50 metres, but they are unable to give information on the position of the flame inside the field of view (FOV).

As an upgrade to these standard tri-band flame detectors, the new PIA-903 detector, with a 3 x 3 element array and integrated optics, is able to provide additional spatial information about the observed scene for a rough angular location of the flame. Calculating the signal ratio of neighbour channels offers an interpolation of the angular position inside of a 90° conical FOV. If two or more flame sensor units are used in combination then the 3D coordinates of the fire pocket can be determined at low costs.


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