picoRegen High-Energy

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High Q Laser has launched the picoRegen High-Energy, based on its picoRegen Science, a regenerative amplifier providing a maximum pulse energy of 3mJ and a pulse duration of 12ps. The laser can be operated from single pulse mode up to a repetition rate of 1kHz.

By using an additional post-amplification module the pulse energy of the laser system can be further increased. There are two options: a lamp-pumped post-amplification module provides a maximum pulse energy of 1 Joule at a repetition rate of up to 10Hz. A diode-pumped set-up increases the energy to 200mJ at a maximum repetition rate of up to 200Hz. The available maximum pulse energies vary with pulse duration and have to be customised to individual needs.

The design of the picoRegen Science is based on a 'modules-in-the-box' setup where the seed laser and the regenerative amplifier are assembled as self-contained modules onto a common thermally stabilised base platform. This guarantees a high spatial and temporal stability at low maintenance cost. Additional optional modules like pulse picker or frequency conversion are integrated in the same way.

To minimise system complexity the pockels cell and end mirror are integrated in the amplifier module. The seed laser as well as the amplifier is pumped by user replaceable fibre-coupled diode modules (URDM) which, as a consumable, can be easily replaced in the field. The laser is a perfect tool for scientific applications in the field of high energy physics or nonlinear optics.