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High Q Laser has introduced its picoTrain range of picosecond oscillators with wavelengths in UV, green and IR, delivering output powers of up to 50W.

Depending on customer needs, the picoTrain can be individually configured by choosing performance modules where all configuration possibilities begin using a basic oscillator, the picoTrain IC-10000. The picoTrain IC-10000 is delivering pulse trains of 7.5ps length and 10W output power at a wavelength of 1,064nm. Starting with the basic oscillator the laser sources can be extended or field-upgraded with four different external modules, which can be attached to the basic oscillator giving the complete picoTrain platform.

The power of the picoTrain can be increased up to 50W @ 1,064nm by applying the power amplifier module. The external power amplifier module is simply attached to the laser exit of the basic oscillator.

Combined with the pulse picker module the 50W ps-laser now delivers pulses with an energy of up to 10┬ÁJ, controllable by an external TTL signal enabling single pulses or pulse bursts up to a maximum repetition rate of 80MHz.

The green module is offering visible ps laser radiation with 20W @ 532nm. The harmonics module offers an additional wavelength in the UV at 355nm with an output power of up to 10W. The power distribution of all wavelengths is controlled continuously by an internal remote controlled motorised variable beam splitter.