picoTrain Green

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High Q Laser has introduced the modelocked picosecond laser picoTrain Green IC-532-12000. It delivers synchronised and simultaneous output beams at 532nm and 1064nm. The lasers are proving to be particularly successful in scientific and industrial applications.

The laser has integrated second harmonic generation (SHG), delivering 20W at a wavelength of 1064nm in addition to 12W at 532nm, in a 76MHz pulse train with 6ps pulses. The SHG is performed in a separate module via non-critical phase matching with a high-grade BBO crystal, with a thermoelectric cooler controlled by the laser driver. The laser has two separate output ports for the different wavelengths, which are temporally synchronised. The power distribution can be controlled continuously by a variable beam splitter. The laser beam has an M2 value of less than 1.2. The laser is also available at power levels of 4W, 6W and 8W at 532nm respectively for cost-sensitive applications.

The laser platform features a very compact design of only 630 x 200 x 80mm. To further ease installation, the laser diode can easily be replaced at the end of its lifetime. A recirculation cooling circuit or air cooling system can provide temperature stabilisation for the laser.

The laser is ideal for pumping optical parametric oscillators and for use in spectroscopy, nano-scale processing and multiphoton imaging.