Blaze nanosecond lasers

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Lumera Laser has introduced its Blaze series of high-performance nanosecond lasers. The company's patented SpotLock pumping technology allows the lasers offer excellent beam characteristic even at high average power and repetition rates. SpotLock guarantees high beam-pointing stability for precise machining of various materials.

The new pumping technology minimises thermal effects in the laser crystal, which usually negatively affects the laser performance and stability of high-power laser systems. As a result, in comparison to conventional technologies, the lasers achieve a significantly higher performance and improved beam control quality. SpotLock enables the spot size and the corresponding focal position to remain constant over the entire repetition range. When changing the process parameters no adjustments outside of the beam source needs to be made, thus avoiding costly set-up times.

For the processing of materials that exhibit poor absorption in the infrared spectrum, Lumera Laser provides a frequency-doubled version of the Blaze. The Blaze-HE model produces pulses with ultra-high energy at a constant high beam quality in the TM00 mode, particularly at low repetition rates.

The Blaze-LP (long pulse) model offers a high-power laser specifically designed to meet the requirements of the solar cell industry. The company claims that the laser is able to drill more than 10,000 holes per second with maximum precision at a wafer thickness of 120µm.

All Blaze lasers can be run in three modes of operation in order to optimise the process parameters within each application; either maximum energy, constant energy (regardless of repetition rate), or freely-chosen pulse energy mode.