Piezo beam steering mirror platforms

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Physik Instrumente has extended its S-330 high-dynamics piezo tip/tilt platform family to include six new large-angle closed and open loop models for mirrors up to 50mm in diameter.

The new additions to the S-330 piezo steering mirror platform series work for larger deflection angles yet retain the dynamic properties of the original design. S-330 systems are fast and compact tip/tilt units, providing precise angular motion of the top platform around two orthogonal axes.

These flexure-guided, piezoelectric platforms enable step response times in the sub-millisecond range. Closed-loop and open-loop versions with three different tilt ranges up to 10mrad are available.

Other features include an optical beam deflection up to 20mrad, up to 3kHz resonant frequency for sub-millisecond step response, resolution to 20nrad, differential drives to improve temperature stability, a parallel-kinematics design for higher dynamics, stability and lineraity and closed-loop versions for better linearity.