PICMAWalk walking drives

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Physik Instrumente (PI) has added PICMAWalk walking drives to its portfolio for the positioning of large optics, detectors and camera set-ups in industrial applications with nanometre precision. 

PICMA actuators ensure exact motion of up to 15mm/s over distances of 25-100mm for loads up to 5kg using 50N of push/pull force. The new walking drives combine the walking principle of PI’s NexLine and NEXACT drives with the high reliability of the standard PICMA actuator series. Because of the modular design of the drives, it is possible to adapt them to customer-specific requirements quickly and inexpensively. 

PICMA actuators feature ceramic insulation, which protects the monolithic piezoceramic block against humidity, and failure due to increased leakage current. They can therefore achieve high motion cycles under extreme ambient conditions. 

In contrast to electric motorised drives, PICMAWalk walking drives contain no rotating parts, they are therefore free of backlash, maintenance, and wear.