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Piezo controller series NV120/1 and NV120/1 CLE

Piezosystem jena is a worldwide leader in nano and micro positioning.  Our piezo devices are ideal for any application where the high precision positioning of components is needed.  The NV120 series of piezo controllers is an excellent solution for the control of piezoelectric actuators in dynamic applications.

The NV 120 series consists of two types of amplifiers. The NV 120/1 amplifier is developed for actuators without an integrated measurement system. The NV 120/1 CLE version comes with automatic sensor identification, the integrated ASI-functionality. It is designed for the use with piezo actuators equipped with an integrated measurement system. This can be either a high-resolution strain gauge sensor or a non-contact capacitive sensor. With the use of a sensor, positioning can be reached overcoming any drift and hysteresis.

The NV120/1 and NV 120/1 CLE are engineered to meet the highest standards of accuracy and dynamics for high-resolution piezoelectric actuators. A dimmable TFT display, USB 2.0 and RS232 interfaces and the compact table top size makes it the first choice for laboratories. Furthermore various controlling options are included to give the user flexibility.  It can be controlled manually with the analog modulation or using the USB or RS232 ports.

The piezo controllers NV120/1 and NV120/1 CLE supply a permanent output current of 120 mA with a signal noise of only <0.3mV @ 500Hz. With these excellent signal parameters, the systems achieve position resolution in the sub-nm range in addition to a settling time in microseconds, making the NV120/1 series suitable for dynamic applications.


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