PInano microscope stages

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PI (Physik Instrumente) has added two higher-performance models to its successful PInano super resolution (SR) microscope stage series.

The models are equipped with direct-measuring capacitive sensors. This type of sensor provides higher linearity and long term stability than the lower cost piezoresistive sensor-equipped stages. Capacitive sensors are also less sensitive to noise due to a high-frequency measurement principle, as opposed to the DC-based sensing technique used in piezoresistive sensors.

The large aperture accommodates microscopy accessories such as slide holders and Petri dish holders. The recessed bottom slide mount allows full rotation of the turret without in and out Z-motion, protecting valuable objectives from crashing into the stage on turret rotation.

Both XY and XYZ stages are available. The low profile design of 20mm facilitates the integration into inverted microscopes from the four major manufacturers Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss.

An optional 25 x 25mm positioning stage with self-clamping ultrasonic ceramic motors serves as a stable basis for the piezo scanning stage and allows imaging of large samples. The microscope stages are compatible with all major image acquisition software packages such as Micromanager and Metamorph.