Polished fibre substrates

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Phoenix Photonics has introduced a new product range based on its all fibre technology. Phoenix employs side polishing (evanescent field technology) to manufacture a large range of existing products from fibre polarisers to VOA’s. Phoenix is now offering the polished fibre substrate as a standalone product. Polished fibres can be useful in optical fibre sensor applications, thermal threshold detection, fibre components, propagation control and much more.

Fibre side-polishing technology enables access to the evanescent field of the wave propagating in an optical fibre by removing a section of the cladding. Unlike the more common block mounted technology, this approach provides a surface of defined length parallel to the core. The propagation characteristics of the wave can be modified by the structure and material of the replacement cladding. Variable polished depths and lengths can be achieved to meet the customers requirement.