PR 4400 Precision Reflectometer

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Lambda Photometrics has released the PR 4400 Precision Reflectometer from Luna Technologies. This portable, user-friendly instrument mesasures reflections as a function of distance in a fibre component or assembly. 

In a single measurement sweep, the user now has optical-module inspection and diagnostic capabilities by providing the ability to locate and troubleshoot connectors, fibre breaks and so on. The PR 4400 features spatial resolution as low as 40µm and the ability to view an entire assembly of up to 2km in length, in one scan, with zero dead zone.

Features include: 40μm Spatial Resolution (over 70 metres), 2km length range with zero dead zone, -90dB sensitivity and a 55dB Dynamic Range.This next generation instrument is derived from the technology employed in Luna’s Optical Backscatter Reflectometer (OBR) and Optical Vector Analyser (OVA) systems, as used worldwide in numerous R&D and production test and measurement applications.