Precision DBR laser diodes

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Laser Components now offers Photodigm’s single spatial and longitudinal mode DBR laser diodes, spanning wavelengths from 760nm – 1,083nm. They can be used in a range of applications including Raman spectroscopy, atom cooling and trapping, biomedical diagnostics, frequency doubling, lidar, oxygen and water vapour sensing. 

The devices are available in a range of packages including C-mount, butterfly, TO-8 and as chips on submount. The PreciseMode package delivers a nearly circular, weakly divergent beam with a more than 2nm mode-hop-free tuning range, while the Mercury TOSA package is available as an OEM solution for high power applications, being specialised for cooled laser operation. 

Emitting diffraction-limited beams, the DBR diodes from Photodigm can provide outputs approaching maximum theoretical brightness, with higher wavelength options demonstrating output powers of up to 400mW. Couple this with the high modulation capability of up to 6.8GHz, short pulse durations of less than 100ps, and narrow Gaussian linewidths less than 500kHz, and Photodigm’s DBR lasers make suitable frequency standards, calibration references and spectroscopic sources.