LC LMD series

Laser Components has introduced the low cost LC LMD series of laser diode modules for the OEM market. Using integrated APC electronics (automatic power control) the laser diode is operated automatically to a pre-set power level helping to increase the module's life. The LC LDM includes the laser diode, drive electronics and optics, all in a metal housing measuring just 3.3 x 7mm. They can be operated directly with 3VDC without additional electronics.

Dot lasers with a collimated or focusable beam at 635nm and 650nm are available from a selection in 12 different kinds of housings. Line lasers are also available.

Typical applications include uses in consumer products, such as hardware store equipment, household appliances, and target and alignment aids. Spirit levels, sewing machines, circular saws are some examples. The lasers are suited to applications where space is restricted and cost is a deciding factor.