Pro 80 series optical fabrication machine

OptiPro Systems, a designer and manufacturer of optical fabrication equipment, has launched its Pro 80 line of machines for low, medium and high volume production of precision optics. The range includes the Pro 80G or GTS (grinder, twin-spindle as an option), Pro 80P (high speed spherical polisher), and the Pro 80UFF (ultra-form finishing for aspheres). The modular concept packs a lot of capability into a a compact footprint, and also includes OptiPro’s recently developed powerful CNC graphical user interface making them easy to use for even complex optical components.

The Pro 80 series is designed around a vibration isolated granite core to ensure precision, thermal stability and consistent part-to-part accuracy. The machine measures 1 x 1.5 x 2.08m. The Pro 80 comes equipped with the powerful high-end Fagor 8070 CNC machine control with a high resolution LCD touch screen monitor.