TracePro software enhancements

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Lambda Research has introduced a range of enhancements to its TracePro software.

The first additional feature, the Curved Facet Design Tool, allows users to represent and optimise complex faceted reflectors and lenses for luminaire designs. Users sketch the base surface, specify the base type of the curved facets (smooth, planar, hexagonal, spiral, or uniform), and then specify the number of steps and rings to create extruded and revolved faceted lenses and reflectors.

The second feature is the Periodic Structures Definition Tool, which allows users to define periodic structures for lenses and reflectors by specifying circular or triangular geometry types, and then setting the pitch, radius, and height of each periodic segment.

TracePro's RepTile capability allows designers to create and define repetitive microstructures on any planar surface ‘on-the-fly’. The enhanced RepTile feature allows users to create repetitive polygonal surface features, that can be placed on or inside objects to model everything from unusual prismatic films to flecks inside material that create colour effects. Users can define the number of sides, height, width, and thickness, and the rotation angles for each feature individually.