ProPhotonix announces distribution partnership with Integrated Optics

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ProPhotonix, a high technology designer and manufacturer of LED illumination systems and laser diode modules, with operations in Ireland and the United Kingdom, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Integrated Optics, for ProPhotonix to distribute Integrated Optics range of innovative laser modules. 

As an experienced provider of laser technologies to original equipment manufacturers ("OEM") worldwide, ProPhotonix understands the importance of offering a range of high quality laser technologies to suit specific application needs. The Matchbox and ARA laser series from Integrated Optics, will complement ProPhotonix’ existing laser solutions offering, providing the Company’s established customer base with additional configurable laser module platforms for a broad range of applications and opening new market opportunities for ProPhotonix. Customized solutions are also available for more specific application requirements.

The MatchBox Series is a powerful platform, encompassing continuous wave lasers, four wavelength diode combiners, and Q-Switch nanosecond lasers. As the name suggests, the MatchBox Series is exceptionally compact, offering simplicity of integration and ease of use. It provides power, consistency and high performance in one of the smallest packages in the world. With over 150 off-the-shelf product configurations, this laser module platform provides an ideal solution for applications including microscopy, spectroscopy (fluorescence spectroscopy, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and Raman spectroscopy), medical diagnostics, flow cytometry, LIDAR, metrology, holography, and UV curing. 

The ARA series of high power wavelength combiners, offers an advanced and original design incorporating four Matchbox lasers of differing wavelengths in a single unit. The ARA series is ideally suited to microscopy and spectroscopy applications.

Evaldas Pabrėža, CEO of Integrated Optics, commented: “We believe that there are clear synergies between our companies’ approach to the laser module market. ProPhotonix’ global sales team allows for Integrated Optics products to be offered to a much wider customer base.”  

Jeremy Lane, Managing Director of ProPhotonix Limited UK commented: “We are pleased to add the Integrated Optics platforms to our laser solutions offering. Like ProPhotonix, Integrated Optics offer configurable platforms as well as custom solutions to suit specific application needs. As a result of this agreement, ProPhotonix extends the range of products it offers to OEMs.  Several existing customers have already expressed an interest in solutions combining the technologies of our two companies including a recent MatchBox qualification and order in the amount of $185,000.”