Green laser diodes

ProPhotonix has launched four new Green laser diodes. The direct emission laser diodes from Osram extend the range to include the PLT5-520 B1, a 50mW diode with a photodiode, the PLT5-520 B2, a 30mW device with a photodiode, and the PLP-520 B1, a B2 offering output power up to 120mW.

The PLT5-520B1 and B2 are the first direct emission green laser diodes from Osram to include a photodiode; offering easier integration for controlling power and a larger package for better heatsinking. These 520nm devices are ideal for applications such as metrology, laser shows and biomedical applications.

The PLP-520 B2 is now available for applications such as projection, metrology and stage lighting. This is a 90mW device at 520nm in a compact, 5.6mm TO-Package.

The PLP-520 B1 is available for applications with higher power requirement; this is a 120mW device at 520nm in a 5.6mm TO-Package. While being multi-mode, the small emitting area and low beam divergence make it ideal for applications where power and superior beam quality are required.