Pulsed xenon light source for Jaz system

Ocean Optics has added a pulsed xenon light source option to its Jaz modular sensing system. The Jaz-PX is a high flash rate, short-arc xenon lamp especially useful for UV-visible applications such as absorbance, bioreflectance, fluorescence and phosphorescence. The lamp has maximum pulse frequency of 500Hz and spectral response from 190 to 1000nm.

The Jaz-PX operates in both free running and triggered modes, which allow its pulses to be coordinated with other devices in the Jaz stack. Flash-to-flash stability is better than 1 per cent, at the flash rate of 500Hz. Jaz-PX has an SMA 905 connector that couples to Ocean Optics accessories, including optical fibres, cuvette holders, probes and other sampling optics. Because it produces a pulsed signal, the Jaz-PX is less likely to cause solarisation in optical fibre assemblies, which can occur when fibres are illuminated with signals of shorter wavelength than 260nm.

Jaz can be configured for a variety of field, lab and process setups. The Jaz-PX is well suited to field applications such as bioreflectance that require a high-intensity, low-power source. When used in the field, the lamp will operate from the power of the battery for approximately 3.5-4 hours. Additional power is available through an optional 50Watt-hour Jaz battery extender.