Pyrocam IVs

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Ophir Photonics has released the Pyrocam IVs, the newest member of the Pyrocam family of pyroelectric laser beam profiling cameras. The Pyrocam IVs is the next generation of the popular Pyrocam III. It features a more sensitive, 160 x 160 pixel image array that can profile beams up to 1/2-inch (12.8 mm) without the need for reduction optics.

The camera measures both pulsed and continuous wave lasers, from 13 to 355nm and 1.06 to >3000µm. An integral focal plane chopper is included for CW beams and thermal imaging.

The Pyrocam IVs allows you to see the beam for dynamic alignment and proper operation of CO2 and telecom NIR lasers, as well as other infrared sources out to the Far IR THz range. For high-speed applications, it includes an interface to GigE cameras. A 14-bit A/D converter provides measurement and analysis of both large signals and low level signals in the wings of the laser beam. A signal to noise ratio of 1000:1 means beams of 30mW/cm2 are easily visible.

The Pyrocam IVs ships with BeamGage, the company's laser beam analysis software. This provides 2D and 3D viewing of beams and includes the algorithms and calculations needed to make ISO approved, NIST-traceable beam measurements. Measurements include total and peak power/energy, peak and centroid location, beam diameter, and X/Y knife edge beam widths. The patented Ultracal baseline algorithm in BeamGage eliminates background noise.