QCW stack array

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Dilas has released a high-power conduction cooled, quasi-continuous wave (QCW) stack array to date. Available in configurations of 100W per bar or 150W per bar, specific combinations of wavelength and power can be customised upon request. These compact diode laser stack arrays can be used for applications such as commercial solid-state laser pumping, defence and OEM.

Dilas’ diode laser stack arrays feature standard wavelengths at 808nm, 940nm and 980nm. Due to this unique mounting and cooling technology these bars can be stacked vertically, making them an ideal building block for applications requiring kilowatts of QCW power in a very small area.

These high fill-factor bars measure 1cm long and feature a vertical pitch in the stack as small as 0.4mm. The typical operating current and voltage for these diode laser stack arrays is 100A at less than 2V. Beam divergence is less than 40º by 10º FWHM and maximum 2 per cent duty cycle.

In addition, these Dilas diode laser stack arrays feature AuSn solder technology that provides extended lifetime and reliability in high temperature applications and better performance in burst-mode.