QDI 302 microscope spectrophotometer and Thermal Stage package

Elliot Scientific has introduced two products from Craic Technologies of San Dimas, California, for distribution within the UK and Ireland.

The Craic Technologies Thermal Stage package, depending upon its configuration, enables a scientist to analyse the transmission, reflectance or fluorescence spectra of microscopic samples under conditions of extreme cold or heat. Operating in the UV-visible-NIR regions, samples can be cooled to as low as -196°C or heated up to as high as 600°C. The same system also allows for atmospheric control of the sample environment: a feature that will open up additional avenues of research in many fields such as biotechnology, materials science and nanotechnology.

In addition, Craic Technologies has introduced the QDI 302 microscope spectrophotometer to measure and compare the spectral output, intensity and colour consistency of each of the microscopic pixels commonly found in OLED devices. The QDI 302 is a spectrophotometer that is designed to be attached to a microscope or probe station. It allows the user to rapidly acquire images and spectra of microscopic sample areas. The QDI 302 can be used to measure the colour and intensity of each pixel of a OLED display, comparing them or mapping the intensity and colour of the whole device.

The speed of the QDI 302 allows for entire OLED displays to be examined quickly and accurately. This will ensure the consistency of both colour and intensity across the entire device as well as from device to device.