QuikLaze 200 and BDS1000

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New Wave Research has introduced the QuikLaze 200 and the complimentary BDS1000 industrial microscope. Optimised for high g-force gantry operation, the QuikLaze 200 and BDS1000 combine to create a rugged opto-mechanical platform that readily withstands 3g - enabling it to travel from location to location faster and with less settling time.

The laser system can provide more than twice the energy of the previous generation system in most operating modes, meaning it can process materials at a faster rate. It is ideal for LCD repair, semiconductor failure analysis and light micromachining.

Enhanced optical performance is also achieved with the BDS1000 Beam Delivery System. This rugged industrial microscope bolts directly to the QuikLaze 200 creating a fully integrated FPD repair solution - including beam-shaping optics, a high-efficiency beam delivery system and camera port. The BDS1000 features true colour optics for superior colour accuracy across the spectrum.

The Advanced Beam Delivery System (ABDS) allows precise cutting on the microscopic level. Selectable repetition rates from single shot to 50-Hz continuous operation facilitate fast throughput. Improved beam blending configurations (1064 nm, 532, and 355 or 266nm UV wavelengths) enable users to cut a variety of materials and selectively remove certain materials while leaving others unaffected. A high-speed, high-resolution rotational X-Y shutter ensures accurate cutting control. Other features include quick exchange of DI cartridge with easy-access door, and an option for 3-4x higher laser energy density.