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Scitec has released the Radikon, used to provide control depending on the value generated by a detector (e.g. radiation sensor or pressure sensor). If the detector value falls below a certain set point value a relay is activated. This can be used to switch a valve, an alarm buzzer or some other type of module.

A highlight of the Radikon is its versatility, which makes the module suitable for industrial developers who need to match the controller to different input signals. The controller can read the generic current of a photodiode (5nA < ISensor < 5µA) as well as 0 - x Volt or 0(4) – 20 mA probe signals, where the value x is user definable.

The controller outputs a voltage of 0 to 10V, which can be used to power a separate display or for connecting the Radikon to a PID controller. A multicolour LED changes its colour with the radiation intensity level. In addition to these features, the easy set up and configuration make the controller ideal for developers or manufacturers of small production runs. For medium production runs, controller modules with customised properties are offered.