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Edmund Optics’ new ReflX objectives exhibit near-diffraction limited performance over the full reflecting range of the chosen coating. These objectives are commonly used in applications requiring superior image quality or focusing performance over a broad spectral range. By eliminating the problems of chromatic aberration and material absorption associated with standard microscope objectives, these components are ideal for applications requiring high throughput and excellent resolution in the UV or IR, including FTIR spectroscopy, ellipsometery, photolithography, and semiconductor inspection. The infinite conjugate design allows for the introduction of filters and beamsplitters, making these objectives ideal for biotech and fluorescence applicators as well. The ReflX objective design features a number of advantages over common Swartzchild objectives. The rugged design allows these objectives to be integrated into equipment with moderate heat and vibration without sacrificing performance. All internal surfaces have been specially treated to eliminate stray light.


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