Reflective correction optics

McPherson has introduced new reflective correction optics for spectroscopy imaging applications with two dimensional CCD or CMOS type sensors. The optics are available for the company's Model 2061 high resolution, one metre focal length spectrometer.

The McPherson spectrometer can simultaneously monitor spectra from one hundred input fibres on one commercial 1,024 x 1,024 pixel, 13 x 13mm CCD. The one metre spectrometer accepts various snap-in diffraction gratings optimised for spectral resolution or for wavelength range coverage. With sensitive, cooled CMOS or CCD detectors, the accessible 50mm focal plane is well suited to simultaneously intercepting and analysing multiple spatially distinct spectral regions.

Light can be brought to the spectrometer entrance slit by free-space optics or fibre optics, which facilitates difficult measurements of ion temperatures, plasma formation, temperature, boundary layer interaction, and more, even in hostile environments.