J-Power laser measurement tool

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Coherent has launched a laser measurement tool, which provides direct access to the output signal from any EnergyMax Series laser energy sensor.

The J-Power measurement tool is a compact accessory, which powers the EnergyMax active sensor circuitry and sends the raw output voltage signal directly to a BNC connector. This allows the user to take advantage of the sensor’s high linearity, low noise internal amplifier, along with its built-in temperature compensation feature, but in a highly streamlined configuration.

For convenience, the J-Power can operate using either an AC adapter or internal, rechargeable batteries. For laboratory users, the J-Power enables EnergyMax sensor output to be displayed on an oscilloscope, without the need for a meter. This permits the user to perform direct measurement of pulse energy, even at very high repetition rates.

The J-Power also allows OEMs to utilise their own analogue-to-digital conversion circuitry, thus eliminating the cost and space requirements of separate meter electronics.