Risley Prism Mounts

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Edmund Optics has introduced its Techspec Risley Prism Mounts, specifically designed to mount 25mm diameter wedge prism pairs, known as Risley prism pairs, in a precision manual beam steering configuration.

Techspec Risley Prism Mounts accept the full range of wedge prisms offered at Edmund Optics. They are optimised for prisms with wedge angles ranging from 0° to 26°, and can be used with either one or two wedge prisms. Users can manually steer a beam to any angle up to two times the individual prism deviation angle to meet specific requirements.

The Techspec Risley Prism Mount allows users to take advantage of independent rotational control for each prism and is ideal for steering applications that require one or two wedge prisms. Constructed of sturdy anodised aluminium, the RoHS-compliant mounts feature a clear aperture (CA) of 23mm and a coarse rotation of 360°.