Roll-Up flexible laser safety barrier

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LaserVision has launched its Roll-Up model flexible laser safety barrier for laser users requiring a temporary and portable laser safety solution. The barrier is suitable for use during service, maintenance or demonstration of laser systems, and features good flexibility combined with high stability. The Roll-Up barrier is 2 x 0.94m in size, held in place by two metal poles and put upright by means of a special expanding system. The design of the lower holder and the support structures on the back sides of the barrier keep the whole assembly securely in place without the need of any additional fixation.

As with the original stationary laser safety curtains manufactured by the company, elements of the Roll-Up barrier can be connected together by Velcro straps to form a larger laser-safe enclosure. Due to the high flexibility, it is possible to form 90° corners in this way. The roll-up barrier features the same high protection levels as the company's Shelter laser safety curtain (with eyelets) while offering more flexibility and mobility.