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Caliber ID has launched the RS-G4, a modular confocal microscope that delivers high resolution and clean contrast while overcoming the limited scan areas typical of confocal microscopes. Scanning large areas at high speeds, RS-G4 cuts the time required for efficient study of large format samples including brain slices, plant cross-sections, or large fields of cells or tissue critical for high-throughput screening.

The cornerstone of RS-G4’s innovative performance is its high-speed strip mosaic imaging. On the hardware side, continual stage movement is coordinated with the resonant scanning of the confocal microscope. Simultaneously, a proprietary stitching algorithm assembles and aligns mosaic strips with pixel level resolution. Hardware and software control are integrated under an easy-to-use, intuitive GUI.

Adding a new laser opens opportunities for fluorescence excitation at 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm and, critical for deep tissue neuroscience, 785nm. In addition, the RS-G4 can collect large area 3D image stacks that can be readily imported by any conventional processing package such as Image J or Imaris. The RS-G4 comes in a small 18 x 15 inch footprint.