RTP Q-swtich/PPSLT

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Raicol Crystals is providing two new nonlinear optical materials for laser applications. The RTP Q-Switch operates at 500KHz Repetition Rate for nano, pico and femtosecond lasers. By using the 500KHz RTP Q-Switch, industrial laser manufacturers can dramatically reduce the laser process time for their customers. The RTP Q-Switch has a high damage threshold value making it suitable for medical, military, space and telecommunications applications.

The PPSLT (Periodically Poled Stoichiometric Lithium Tantalate) crystal is a new promising nonlinear optical material suitable for frequency conversion applications over broad wavelength range from 270nm to 5μm. This two has a high laser damage threshold value, in addition to a large nonlinear optical coefficient, making it ideal for compact solid-state laser systems with an output power of a few Watts.