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Physik Instrumente’s (PI’s) new piezo-based S-335 tip/tilt platform is suitable for applications with tip/tilt angles up to 35mrad, optical deflection angles up to 70mrad, and high dynamic demands. The smallest step angle is 1µrad. The platform is suitable for mirrors with diameters of up to 25.4mm

The parallel-kinematic design with two orthogonal tip/tilt axes act on a common platform ensures identical performance of each axis. The special design of the flexures allows friction-free motion, high stiffness, and operating frequencies of more than 100Hz. Integrated strain gauges ensure a high linearity of 0.05 per cent and a repeatability of 0.5µrad (unidirectional in each case). With a surface of 34.5mm x 34.5mm and a height of 56.5mm, the tip/tilt platform is very compact and requires very little space.

The Picma piezo actuators have all-ceramic insulation and are therefore superior to conventional, non-ceramic insulated actuators both in performance and lifetime. The monolithic piezoceramic block is protected against humidity and increased leakage current and therefore achieves high motion cycles even under extreme ambient conditions. In contrast to electric motorised drives, there are no rotating parts or friction. The piezo actuators are therefore free of backlash, maintenance, and wear.

During start-up, the tip/tilt platform identifies itself to the digital multi-channel E-727 piezo controller via an ID chip and the applicable operating parameters are then loaded automatically.