S10362 multi-pixel photon counters

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Hamamatsu Photonics offers the S10362 series of multi-pixel photon counters (MPPC) in both 1 x 1mm and 3 x 3mm active areas. These devices utilise brand new Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode technology for ultra-low-level light detection.

To allow rapid and easy evaluation of these new devices, Hamamatsu has introduced a CE-marked module, which incorporates the MPPC sensor, the C10751 series. The modules consist of the MPPC device (with 1600, 400 or 100 individual Geiger mode APD pixels), current-to-voltage converter circuit, high-voltage power supply circuit, high-speed comparator circuit, counter circuit and microprocessor.

The module gives the operator a choice of three separate signal outputs of analogue current, digital voltage or USB. The threshold level for photon detection, together with all MPPC functions, can be controlled externally on a PC when the module is connected via the USB interface.

The C10751 series is ideal for basic evaluation of the MPPC and research in many fields including high-energy physics, DNA sequencing, fluorescence measurement, flow cytometry, bioluminescence, medical diagnostic equipment and environmental analysis.