S4LFT lenses

Sill Optics says it is aiming to reduce cost pressure in the labelling sector with its new cost-optimised scan lenses for popular focal lengths from 105 mm, 160 mm and 254 mm.

The lenses are designed with one element less, without compromising performance. This reduces the manufacturing costs, and the company says it passes the savings on to its customers. The new part numbers are: S4LFT0099/126 (f = 105 mm), S4LFT0162/126 (f = 160 mm), S4LFT0253/126 (f = 254 mm).

All the lenses, which will be launched at Laser World of Photonics 2013 in Munich have the standard thread M85x1 and are optimised for scan heads up to 14 mm aperture.