S5FC benchtop SLD light sources

Thorlabs has introduced the S5FC series of bench-top superluminescent diode (SLD) light sources. These light sources integrate indium phosphide (InP) SLDs manufactured by Covega (now known as Thorlabs Quantum Electronics, TQE) with Thorlabs’ all-inclusive bench-top platform. As a result, Thorlabs now offers turnkey broadband SLDs for use in optical coherence tomography, imaging systems, and fibre optic gyroscopes. Each bench-top is available in 1,310nm and 1,550nm wavelength versions, with SM and PM fibre, and is equipped with FC/APC bulkhead connectors for easy coupling. Typical power output ranges from 2.5mW to 30mW.

An intuitive LCD interface enables users to view and set the current and temperature for each fibre-coupled laser independently, a feature that provides high temperature stability. This laser source also includes a USB connection for remote laser adjustment and rear analogue inputs to modulate output with an external signal.

Each source includes a rear panel interlock, keylock power switch, and independent enable buttons. Users can easily configure the interlock to trigger when doors open, disabling the lasers and providing a key safety feature when operating in high-traffic facilities. To prevent damage, this unit is also equipped with a microcontroller, which will disable the output if input settings exceed laser limits.