SA2 aluminium breadboard

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Newport has expanded its offering of low-cost aluminium breadboards and accessories for basic photonic research and OEM optical assemblies. The SA2 series of solid aluminium breadboards now includes more diverse sizes and vertical bracket accessories to provide a stable yet lightweight platform for optical components and sub-assemblies.

The new SA2 series sizes include 6 x 24-inch, 6 x 36-inch, 12 x 36-inch, and 24 x 36-inch, offering flexibility for optical experiments. Features include a standard grid of tapped holes which extends to within 0.5-inches of the plate edges, providing more mounting surface than other products. The SA2 also features 'in-grid' counter-bored holes and deep edge chamfers that make lifting, aligning and integrating the SA2 onto standard optical tables easy.

The new SA2-BRKT series vertical brackets are offered in three sizes to accommodate a wide range of needs. The smallest bracket measures 6-inches in height and is recommended for 6-inch and 8-inch tall SA2 plates. The mid-range bracket measures 12-inches in height and is perfect for 12-inch SA2 plates. Newport’s largest size is also the largest available in the industry and measures 18-inches; it is well suited to vertical orientation of SA2 plates up to 36-inches tall.