Safety goggles and accessories

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While primarily a laser designer and manufacturer, Z-Laser Optoelektronik (Freiburg, Germany) also offers laser protection goggles and other safety accessories.

The company offers mechanical safety devices suitable for lasers with beam diameters in the 11-40mm range, such as its AK model lens covers and its LB model line limiters. These can easily be installed by placing them directly onto the laser housing in order to reduce the length of the emitted laser beam.

The company's laser goggles are available in two different types; one suitable for lasers with output powers of up to 250mW, and the other suitable for lasers up to 5W. The wavelength coverage ranges available include ultraviolet to green, red, or IR, as required by each customer's application. The company offers innovative and lightweight plastic goggles, suitable for a spectacle wearer.