SF4B-series of light curtains

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Panasonic Electric Works UK has launched the Sunx SF4B series of safety light curtains. The SF4B-series (version 2) offers improved environmental resistance. A new design for the body and the cylindrical inner casing protecting the internal electronics ensures the latest models conform to IP65 and IP67 standards.

The light curtain is available in three standard types – finger, hand and arm, or foot protection. All types can be freely wired to provide either NPN or PNP transistor outputs.

The SF4B series has a 14ms response time, regardless of the number of channels, the beam axis pitch, or the number of units connected in series. The result is a simplification of the calculation work involved in setting safety distances on laser machines. The response time, coupled with the ultra small beam pitch of the finger protection type, allows for installation of the light curtain much closer to danger point than maybe possible using a conventional model.

The SF4B is equipped with an easy to read digital error indicator that makes troubleshooting extremely simple. There are also a number of convenient mounting options as well as an available protection bar that offers added resistance to external impact.