Coherent's interferometry offering is the Sapphire SF family of lasers that feature wavelengths of 488nm and 532nm with single longitudinal outputs to achieve a linewidth of less than 1.5MHz.

With output powers ranging from 20mW to 150mW, Sapphire SF lasers provide a high quality diffraction-limited beam with excellent beam pointing stability. Sapphire SF lasers are based on optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology. This well-proven technology has over 25,000 units in the field.

Coherent states that OPSL technology features extremely low output noise, because its short upper state lifetime eliminates the green noise that limits other solid-state lasers. Sapphire SF lasers are for research and OEM applications that require a narrow spectral linewidth and perhaps a long coherence length.

Primary applications include Raman spectroscopy, Brillouin scattering, holography, stereography, interferometry, metrology, inspection and remote optical sensing.