Low-noise single photon counting modules

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id Quantique has announced the release of ultra-low noise single photon counting modules for the visible spectral range. A dark count rate of less than 1Hz or 20Hz is offered for 20μm or 50μm diameter devices. Beside an outstanding noise level, the other salient features of the company’s successful id100 series include compact and robust enclosure, and long-term stability and reliability thanks to a CMOS fabrication process.

As with previous versions of the id100 series, the active quenching circuit and the photosensitive avalanche diode are integrated on the same silicon chip. This guarantees an excellent timing resolution of 40ps, a low dead time of only 50ns and a remarkable timing stability up to count rates of up to 20MHz in pulsed-mode regime, outperforming existing commercial devices in all applications requiring single photon detection. The detector is ideal for TCSPC-based applications. The id100 requires low power, does not suffer from memory effects and is not damaged by ambient light or over-illumination.

Both a free-space and a fibre-coupled version are available for sale. The id100-series is compact, robust, easy to use and compatible with most acquisition instruments.