Scorpion Rapide

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Laser provider Electrox hopes to attract a wider range of customers with the latest generation of its Scorpion Rapide laser, and is offering free on-site demonstrations to showcase its enhanced capabilities.

Advances in fibre optic technology mean that, as well as laser marking, the new generation laser can now be customised to give Electrox customers access to a wider variety of industrial applications alongside higher performance requirements.

Deep engraving, micro-machining, scribing, drilling and trimming are just some of the potential applications.

Electrox believes that manufacturers of intricate and precise equipment, from medical devices to photovoltaic cells and other precision engineered components, will particularly benefit from the new generation of the Scorpion Rapide.

For example, using the laser for micro-machining eliminates the need for cutting tools. This means that customers can benefit from better durability, high precision and a lower long-term cost of ownership, without the added cost of consumables.