SD-330 and SD-250 thermoelectric cooling units

AMS Technologies has introduced its powerful thermoelectric cooling units SD-330 and SD-250. Suitable for laser diode modules in medical and industrial applications, these solid state cooling units omit the need of water cooling and let users benefit from either high safety margin, reduced fan noise or high cooling capacity of up to 330W.

The cooling units have been designed for laser diode modules with footprints from 50 x 100mm up to a maximum of 124 x 130mm. Utilising two 60mm axial fans, a copper high performance heat sink, 6 peltier modules and a copper spreader and mounting plate, the units distinguish themselves through compact dimensions, high cooling capacity and low energy consumption. With a width of 162mm, a length of 182-188mm (depending on which fans are used) and a height of 92mm, the units will occupy little space underneath the laser diode module itself. By including more powerful fans, a cooling capacity of 330W is reached when ambient temperature equals the temperature at the laser mounting plate. The maximum power consumption is 15A at 24V DC.

The cooling units may be customised for different models and brands of laser diode modules, fans, power supply parameters, packaging or less weight. Suitable temperature controllers are also available from AMS Technologies.