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SEDI 4Power Connector

SEDI Fibres Optiques has released a connector for very high power laser delivery systems used in industrial or medical applications and compatible to the Mitsubishi design.

The technology derives from the high power SMA connector with a free-standing fibre end creating a large air gap between the fibre and the metallic ferrule. A number of improvements have been made for better heat dissipation. The ferrule is larger than the SMA with a 4mm diameter allowing fibres up to 1,000µm, the material of the ferrule is copper and the body of the connector forms a heat sink.

Besides the connector allows polishing and SEDI’s crimp and cleave special assembly technology which gives the best performances.

Standard patchcords have electrical continuity. Electrical insulator can be installed. The connectors are indexed. Optional non indexed connector can be mounted.


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