Sensor simulation tool

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MAZeT has introduced a tool for the simulation of compact spectral-selective semiconductor sensors for precise inline measurements. The simulation software by MAZeT allows the user to choose the right sensor, as well as the optimal combination of filters and illumination. The system provides different sensor models for colour measurement to cover a variety of precision requirements. Thus, the system simulates and optimises the use of sensors on the basis of radiometric calculation rules. The simulation tool is suitable for validating the requirements of new and existing applications.

The sensor models of the simulation tool are suitable for simple teaching, RGB and XYZ sensors, absolute colour measurement, XYZ and multi-range sensors, and even radiometric measurements with multi-range sensors. The spectral composition of filters and lighting has a significant impact on the quality of the measurement. The preliminary simulation eliminates the need for numerous optimisation trials, for example, in selecting the best light source. In addition to the considerable time saving, the simulation tool also allows for estimates to be made with regard to whether or not the system requirements will be able to be met while still in the developmental phase.