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MAZeT, the development and manufacturing services provider for embedded systems and optoelectronics, has introduced the MTCS-INT-AB5 sensor board for the fully integrated MTCS-CDCAF sensor chip from the Jencolor product line. MAZeT offers this sensor board as both an evaluation board for system and application tests, and as part of a development kit. The board includes memory for saving calibration data and additional user data related to the application, as well as an I2C interface. It works well as an evaluation system for the MTCS-CDCAF. Typical applications for the sensor board include measuring light colours for multispectral LED arrays and calibrating colour on monitors. It can also be used for photometric applications.

The MTCS-INT-AB5 is also available as part of a development kit for system and application tests. The sensor board is mounted in housing and can be controlled via USB. It is easy to configure and calibrate the using PC supported test software. Control files on the PC level take over specifications for the sensor and sensor electronics. Once the development kit has successfully validated an application, the sensor electronics programming can be easily transferred to a microcontroller. In addition, the sensor board from the test kit can be directly integrated into the device electronics via the I²C interface.