Series 8000 793nm High Brightness Laser Pump Modules

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Intense has introduced a 10W version of its Series 8000 793nm high brightness laser pump module, designed specifically for use as a pump source for Thulium and Holmium pulsed laser systems.

The Series 8000 793nm fibre coupled packages provide robust, cost-effective, and compact solutions for pumping applications with power requirements in the 10W range. With this release, the high power chip technology of the Series 8000 793nm is now available in fibre-coupled single emitters at 4.5W, as well as compact, multi emitter, high brightness, fibre coupled 10W and 20W modules.

The entire Series 8000 793nm family of pump lasers is based on Intense's next generation of 793nm single emitter chips that incorporate narrow beam divergence and Intense's Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) technology to maximise power, brightness and reliability.