Shock Absorber mounting post

Ophir Photonics has launched its Shock Absorber product, the industry's first mounting post designed to allow the operation of sensitive pyroelectric laser power/energy sensors in an environment with vibration. This special mount smooths out vibration and eliminates false triggering, reducing the sensor's susceptibility to vibration by 2-10 times.

The company states that the pyroelectric energy sensors used in power/energy sensors are sensitive to acoustic as well as thermal signals, and can therefore give false readings when subjected to vibration or shock. While, some laser power/energy sensors include a minimum energy setting to eliminate false readings due to noise, the approach reduces the overall sensitivity of the device. Ophir's Shock Absorber aims to eliminate false signals without affecting the sensitivity of the sensor to valid signals. The Shock Absorber mounting post features a screw embedded in rubber that provides a flexible barrier between the post and the sensor head. This significantly reduces false triggering.

The mounting post works with all Ophir energy sensors, including the PE Series of pyroelectric detectors that provide the highest damage threshold, highest pulse energies, and widest spectral range in the industry.