Smart Force LED driver boards

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Endicott Research Group (ERG) has released two high-efficiency, low-profile Smart Force LED driver boards as standard products for a wide range of industrial and medical LCDs.

The SFDE (Economical) and SFDM (Mini) Series provide full function power supplies with optimum power for high brightness as well as lower power consumption and lower cost in a compact size. Both driver boards are less than 5mm in height, and both provide brightness stability over a wide input voltage and can power up to six LED strings.

The SFDE Series provides a plug-and-play solution with an outstanding cost/performance ratio. It measures only 28.2 x 78.7mm, and is less than 5mm high. It provides an input voltage range of 10-20V, with external PWM dimming to 500:1.

The SFDM is the most compact LED driver board ERG has developed to date, measuring only 24.4 x 55.6mm, with a height less than 5mm. It provides an input voltage range of 8-20V, with external PWM dimming to 250:1.

Both driver boards can be used with ERG’s Smart Force LED rails as a drop-in replacement for CCFL rails for a number of OEM LCDs. Smart Force LED rails feature a proprietary ERG design that provides exceptionally good thermal management to keep the LEDs from overheating. ERG’s new Smart Force SFDE and SFDM LED driver boards are available as standalone products from stock, or as kits that include the driver boards and LED rails.