SolaryX 1600P High Throughput Thin Film Photovoltaic Laser Scribing System

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Newport Corporation has launched the SolaryX 1600P laser scribing system. 

The SolaryX 1600P tool is a fully automated solution that is designed for full production photovoltaic manufacturing environments. It offers a fast, flexible, and accurate means to scribe thin film solar panels. The SolaryX 1600P system is the latest addition to Newport's broad portfolio of photovoltaic manufacturing and test solutions that includes the SolaryX family of scribing systems, lasers, light sources, motion systems, optics, test and measurement technologies and integrated solutions.

At the heart of the SolaryX 1600P tool is a Newport-designed air-bearing motion control platform leveraging the company's expertise in high-speed stage mechanics and ceramic air-bearing designs. In operation, this air-bearing stage is used to scribe extremely straight lines, providing the smallest possible dead zones in the industry and producing the highest possible efficiencies in the final product. Used for more than a decade in the company's DynamYX wafer positioning stages, the scribe stage in the SolaryX 1600P system offers proven performance and reliability critical for robust production applications.

The SolaryX 1600 laser scribe tool also incorporates HIPPO or Explorer lasers from the company's Spectra-Physics Lasers Division. These lasers have emerged as the technology of choice for customers that want to support 24/7 manufacturing environments with high throughput, fast repetition rate IR and green lasers. 

The SolaryX 1600 system can support up to 1,600 x 1,100mm glass panel sizes in its standard configuration. Custom versions can handle additional panel sizes upon special request.