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SPD_A_M2 dual single photon counting module

Aurea Technology has launched its newly designed SPD_A_M2, a dual single photon counting module, which it claims is the first such product available globally.

The SPD_A is a family of ultra low noise, high quantum efficiency near infrared (900-1,700nm) single photon detectors. The detectors' Geiger-mode InGaAs avalanche photodiodes and thermoelectric coolers ensure a low and stable dark count, with a performance better than 5.0 x 10-6 ns-1. Thanks to its exceptional sensitivity in high level detections, the SPD_A largely surpasses photomultipliers, or PMTs. While most photomultipliers count a QE below 1 per cent in near infrared, the SPD_A boasts a QE that is adjustable up to 25 per cent.

The SPD_A series also provides plug-and-play connections to personal computers via a USB interface, allowing users to easily adjust detection efficiency and tune the gate-width and delay. Though it comes with its own graphical user interface software, end-users are free to develop their own with LabView or C++.


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