Spectis 5.0 Touch

GL Optic, a manufacturer of spectrometers and light-measurement instruments, has launched the GL Spectis 5.0 Touch, a compact spectrometer that can take laboratory-grade measurements of the intensity and colour of light.

Suitable for measuring the light output of individual LEDs and LED-based luminaires, as well as for photo-biological safety testing, the new instrument can replace bulky bench-top spectrometers with no loss of accuracy or resolution.

The Android-based GL Spectis 5.0 Touch measures 111mm x 210mm x 58mm and weighs 1.5kg. It is equipped with a colour 240 x 320 touch-screen display, so the user can configure test set-ups and see measurement results without being connected to a PC.

GL Optic has a physical resolution of 0.5nm and optical resolution of 2.5nm over a spectral range of 200-1,050nm. Over this range, the instrument’s spectral radiometric accuracy is rated to within ±4 per cent.

Measurements that may be viewed on the touch-screen display include full spectral profiles, CIE chromaticity charts and colour co-ordinates, CCT and CRI values and peak values of colour.